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"As an organization the BAA is, by its very nature, designed to promote art in the local community. When you hang your work in a show like the Silver Palette or Conoyer’s, it generates discussion and interest in BAA among the people who see it."
Lou Pell

The next BAA meeting is scheduled for:

BAA meetings are held on the second Tuesday of month. Social time begins at 6:30 pm, with the general meeting starting at 7:00 pm.

Meetings are held at the Anderson Grove Church located at 12005 South 36th Street in Bellevue.


This is the website of the Bellevue Artists Association. Our art club holds monthly meetings in Bellevue Nebraska. Our primary club objective is providing local artists with opportunities to learn and appreciate all forms of art.

We have provided two links to sites containing club information - Facebook and Shutterfly

Please look at both these sites to view newsletters, upcoming events, dates of future meetings and current club exhibits.

Painting by BAA Member

Since art should be shared with the community, we intend to publish various local opportunities to showcase an artists work.

We also plan to keep a current art calendar of events. Wherever possible, we will feature the artistic contributions of our local members.

We often discuss other showcase opportunities at our monthly meetings. As noted on the website sidebar, our meetings are held year-around on the second Tuesday of the month. Usually after conducting the normal club business, we often discuss information on local art contests and the art scene in general. Many times we will feature a guest speaker(s) on various topics of interest. Please remember - new members and visitors are always welcome!

"We encourage everyone to get involved and provide input into our shows and the direction of the club. I never fail to be impressed by the quality of the work in our small organization."
Jane Pullum

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